four years

Last night Irwin and I got to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary!


We are actually very traditional when it comes to anniversary celebrations and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We always do our gift exchange after work, head to our dinner reservations at Urban Farmer downtown, and follow that by enjoying a slice of our wedding cake. Our gift exchange is usually pretty simple, as we follow the guide for yearly anniversary gifts. This year was fruit, flowers, linen, or silk. Irwin got me a set of really high thread count sheets that I’m debating not even using until the baby is here because with my luck my water will break the night we put them on the bed, and I got Irwin an ottoman to go with his favorite chair. We headed out to our dinner reservations and were ironically sat in the same booth we sit in every year. We never have requested this spot, it’s just always where we end up and it’s now become a bit of a running joke. Urban Farmer is probably our favorite restaurant in Cleveland, and I can’t decide if it’s just because it is that delicious or if it’s because it holds a special place in our hearts. It’s definitely not inexpensive, but for a once a year meal it’s well worth it! We always end up taking a part of our entrees home so we’ve never ordered dessert there, but that’s what our wedding cake is for! And yes it is the same cake we served the evening of our wedding and yes it is still edible and tasty for that matter. We still have about 2/3 of the cake left and plan to have a slice every year until it’s either inedible or gone.

Next year will mark five years and we have a trip to Europe planned over our anniversary. I’m a little sad we will be missing our normal traditions and that baby C won’t get to experience her first Halloween at home, but we are also looking forward to doing some traveling and seeing a part of the world we’ve never been to. For all you married readers, do you have a usual anniversary date, or do you do something different every year?