second beta

I waited ALL DAY yesterday for a call from our nurses about our second beta draw. I am currently 5 weeks and 1 day, so still very early, but we had a great beta number a week ago, so the nurse and I were expecting a number somewhere in the couple thousand range.

At my last blood draw, I got the call with my number around 10:30, so I was feeling pretty calm until 10:30 came and went yesterday, then panic started to set it. I did a split day at the office yesterday, so I got to leave at noon, which was really good for my sanity since I just kept staring at my phone. I got home, did the dishes, made some lunch, and tried taking a nap. My nap efforts, as tired as I was, were futile because I could feel my heart racing about these beta numbers. So 2:30 rolls around and I called the clinic like the crazy person I am. The nurse was with a patient, but the receptionist said the results were good, she just needed to chat with me.

Finally, five minutes before I need to leave to head to work, the clinic calls me back. I was expecting my beta levels or progesterone to be low, but I was wrong. My beta came back at 14,300!!! I was in shock. The only reason she needed to speak with me is so we could set up our ultrasound with the doctor and to make sure I knew about the malfunction of the storage tank and to be expecting a call from the doctor to discuss our options.

Our ultrasound is set for the 26th, and I am so, so excited to see our little bean for the first time.