I worked from home yesterday which was a much-needed break from my office. I had a higher than normal level of energy on Wednesday, but that quickly caught up with me and I couldn’t be bothered to get out of bed yesterday. I ended up even taking a nap before noon rolled around and felt a bit more awake after that. I needed to get to the store though as we are hosting Irwin’s family on Sunday, so I threw on some clothes and put my bangs back with a headband {aka: I looked like a bum} and went off to Target and the grocery store.

I ended up starting to have some very light spotting last night, which obviously has sent me into the tailspin of internet searches. It hasn’t been red blood, nor has there been a lot of it, but seeing bleeding when your only 5w5d is a little unnerving. I kind of wish my ob would just get me in for an early ultrasound, but alas, he is not concerned. This means I shouldn’t be concerned either, right?


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Hello! My name is Hannah. Born and raised in the CLE where I still reside with my husband, our daughter Cora, and our two dogs. Professionally, I work in the event industry as the director of events for a local venue and also as an event designer and florist for my own company, Hannah Caraballo Designs. I have a personal history with infertility and mentor those who are walking through their own fertility journey. I am an enneagram four. I hate wearing shoes and socks. I love boating, baking, gardening, a glass of good red wine, and spending time with my family.

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