what day is it?

I literally have done what feels like a weeks worth of work in the last two days and I am TIRED. I actually woke up a bit before Irwin’s alarm went off this morning and told myself to go back to bed because it was Sunday… nope. I’ve pretty much been working daily for the last four weeks and I finally see the light at the end of that tunnel.

My week is, fortunately, a little short as we have our embryo transfer on Friday! In preparation for that, I plan to take Friday off to get my house clean, grocery shop, and get in an acupuncture appointment before the transfer and taking it easy over the rest of the weekend. I will be working from home Friday and Saturday, but it will be nice to work from my couch in pajamas. I also plan to get little gift baskets together for the fertility center to just thank them for everything they have done up until this point. If you’ve been reading along, you know how much they have gone above and beyond, and I really appreciate everything they’ve done up until this point. I’m thinking of getting them some macaroons, granola bars, teas and coffee, candy, and fruit. I’ll stuff this all in a basket and write a thank you card as well. It’s nice to be nice, after all.

I’ll share a little secret with you guys, I recently ordered some cloth diapers for our little one. When we first started trying, I did a bunch of research and decided on cloth diapering. I won’t be a stay at home mom, but I have enough flexibility in my schedule that it will work. And my mother in law, who will spend some time during the week watching the baby is well versed in cloth diapering too. Last week and over the weekend I went into this “let’s order all the baby things” phase. Sometimes I wonder if I am being too optimistic, but I truly have faith God is going to give us our child and he or she is going to be this perfect little miracle. It warms my heart just thinking about it.


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Hello! My name is Hannah. Born and raised in the CLE where I still reside with my husband, our daughter Cora, and our two dogs. Professionally, I work in the event industry as the director of events for a local venue and also as an event designer and florist for my own company, Hannah Caraballo Designs. I have a personal history with infertility and mentor those who are walking through their own fertility journey. I am an enneagram four. I hate wearing shoes and socks. I love boating, baking, gardening, a glass of good red wine, and spending time with my family.

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